Overview of recent commissioned works

Our artisanal handicraft envelopes the creation of wooden figures, which are specifed as Ars Sacra and are only produced in small quantities. This collection includes an assortment of statues which are available in the indicated sizes. You will find our sacred handicraft to be of the highest quality with a fair price.

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima 11 feed carved in Polyurethane and covered with Fiber Glass.

Saint Joseph with lily

Saint Joseph was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster father of Jesus. He is referred to in the Holy Bible as a righteous man. I have tried to express that in my work. The face invites for prayer and meditation.

Saint Joseph the worker

Joseph the carpenter cared for Mary and Jesus with his work. Jesus himself worked as a carpenter for many years. I emphasized this detail in my work by putting a craftsman's tool in Jesus' hands.

Saint Christopher

Sculpture with Jesus on his shoulder and with two angels seated at his feet. In his hands palm and crown, pointing to his martyrdom. The work is a faithful copy, down to the smallest detail, of an 18th-century paper-mâché work located in the church of Urbania.

Archangel Michael with shield and spear

Representation of the angel defeating Lucifer. Detail of the work is the shield with the painted coat of arms of the Catholic School of the Holy Cross in Batavia / Chicago.

Madonna and Child, Romanesque style

Copy inspired by a well-known German Romanesque Madonna. Mary is portrayed as empress, Jesus as emperor and sovereign. An attempt was made to give the faces of the figures a Romanesque expression as well. Very rich decoration, gilded with gold leaf. The crowns are carved in wood, gilded, and meticulously decorated. Crowns are a work of art in themselves.

Saint Joseph with child

My interpretation of Saint Joseph holding the Child Jesus tries to emphasize the father's love for his son and, vice versa, the child's carelessness and trust in the father. Artwork done for a church in Phoenix, AZ.

Fatima Madonna

When creating this work, the customer requested the similarity of the statue to that of Fatima exhibited in the Cova de Iria square at the place of the apparition. I tried to give the face a "Portuguese touch".

Lagos Crucifix

As the name suggests, this work was designed for a church in Lagos, Nigeria and carved in basswood.

Holy Cardinal Henry Newman

English cardinal, theologian and philosopher, venerated as a saint in the Catholic Church. Although very small (50 cm), this work is elaborated down to the smallest detail. The face is a portrait.

Bust of Mother Piccarreta

Servant of God of the Catholic Church and mystic from southern Italy. She wrote 10,000 manuscript pages of Jesus' "Revelations." She lived the passion of Jesus and was bed-bound for most of her life due to illness. She died on March 4, 1947.

Saint Vincenzo Strambi

Religious and bishop who became famous as a preacher. He was born in Civitavecchia, where the saint is still highly venerated. This work was commissioned by a parish in Civitavecchia.

Our Lady, Mother of the Church

A sculpture created by me depicting Mary, Mother of the Church and Mother of Jesus, who is holding St. Peter's Basilica in her arms. Wrapped in the cloak of the Blessed Virgin we see various saints and five children representing the five continents.

Saints Peter and Paul

Saint Peter and Saint Paul represented with different attributes. The sword for Saint Paul, referring to his beheading. Saint Peter with the keys, symbol of the key to heavenly paradise.

Our Lady Queen of FIAT

Very interesting work, little known, depicting the pregnant Virgin Mary. Carved for a new religious congregation in the United States, founded by a woman, mother of fourteen children.


The Virgin and Archangel Gabriel form this ensemble of the Annunciation of Mary. Artwork in the early Italian Gothic style, painted with tempera and antiqued.

Saint Joseph the Jew

A Capuchin monk wished to have St. Joseph carved in a Jewish robe. Result: a young and gentle Saint Joseph

Servant of God, Don Enrico Videsott

Charismatic priest of the Ladin valleys that healed many people's body and soul with his blessing. He was called "Padre Pio of the Dolomites" by the faithful. The canonical beatification process was initiated some time ago. He died in 1999. I believe Don Enrico guided my hand in this work. Many state he looks alive.

Mater Ecclesiae

A sculpture I created for the Lagos Cathedral / Nigeria. She represents Mary, Mother of the Church, and Mother of Jesus, who holds St. Peter's Basilica in her arms. Wrapped in the cloak of the Blessed Virgin we see various saints of the Church and five children representing different continents.

Way of the cross

Stations of the Cross in a traditional, classic style. The stations were designed and carved for a parish in the United States.

Our Lady of Fatima

To commemorate the centenary of the apparition of Fatima in 2017, I made this beautiful depiction of Our Lady of Fatima. She differs from many other representations by her heavenly and loving face.


Maria Assunta, 160 cm high - 200 cm with base and clouds. A true masterpiece. Currently exhibited in the showroom of my studio in Ortisei.

Mary, untying the knots

The great devotion of Pope Francis to Mary, untying the knots made this representation of Mary known in the Church. Our Lady solves our problems!

Romanesque crucifix

Romanesque style crucifix, carved in pine, colored with tempera, and antiqued.

Saint Joseph with lily

Saint Joseph with a lily in his left hand, chaste consort of the Virgin Mary. Sculpture expressing the sweetness of our most powerful advocate.

Father Sopocko

Known as the confessor of Sister Faustina Kowalska. Beatified in 2008 by Pope Benedict XVI.

Our Lady of Sorrows

Mary at the foot of the cross. Expressive face, sad but not without hope. The prophecy "A sword will pierce your heart" comes true

San Michele, Grotte Monte Sant'Angelo

Carved and painted copy of Archangel Michael from Monte Sant'Angelo in Gargano / Apulia. Noteworthy is the crown, which is carved entirely of wood, gilded with pure gold, and set with stones and pearls. A masterpiece in itself!

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Saint Pio of Pietrelcinawar, a stigmatized mystic. Depicted with chalice and host. For Padre Pio, Holy Mass was the pivot of life.

Mother Angelica with baby Jesus

Baby Jesus made for Mother Angelica, founder of the Order of the Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration, as well as the Catholic radio and television station EWTN.

Assumption Day

The sculpture represents the Ascension of Mary accompanied by the heavenly angels. Like Jesus, Mary ascended body and soul into heaven. Statue for a community in Arizona

Saint Charles Borromeo

Cardinal and Archbishop, one of the Church's most important anti-reformers in the 16th century. The face is inspired by existing painted portraits. Characteristic of the saint was his large nose.

Blessed Duns Scotus

Franciscan philosopher, famous for his Marian theology. Commissioned by a Marian Franciscan order.

Sacred Heart of Jesus

Statue characterized by a smiling and welcoming face. Jesus says, "Come to me, all you who are weary and oppressed, and I will strengthen you..."

St. Joseph, Patron Saint of the Universal Church

Pope Pius IX in the “Quemadmodum Deus” decree, the Church entrusts the protection of Saint Joseph and declares him “patron saint of the universal Church”

Madonna with the Holy Spirit

"Mary, Bride of the Holy Spirit"

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina as confessor. The confession of the faithful occupied Padre Pio many hours of the day. Long queues formed in front of his confessional.

Pope John Paul II

Statue of the most charismatic Holy Father of our time. Canonized by Pope Francis in 2014, just nine years after his death.

Santa Maria della Misericordia

Wooden copy of Santa Maria della Misericordia. Notice the stones set into the ornamentation of the cloak. Commissioned work by a Catholic school in the USA.

Jesus resurrected

Very classic representation of the risen and triumphant Jesus over death

Baby Jesus of Bethlehem with cradle

Inspired by the Child Jesus of Bethlehem located in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Depicted child lies on straw in the manger.

Baby Jesus Bethlehem

Inspired by the Child Jesus of Bethlehem located in the Christmas Church in Bethlehem.

Jesus scourged at the pillar

Copy of the famous sculpture of the scourged Jesus in the Wieskirche in Bavaria / Germany

Saint Benedict of Nursia

As the founder of the Benedictine order, he was abbot in the famous monastery of Montecassino.

Sacred Heart of Jesus 1 and 2

The heart of Jesus worship of the locals increased during the French occupation at the beginning of the 19th century, Tyrol was consecrated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Blessed Father Paul von Moll

Belgian Benedictine Father. One of the greatest healers of our time. It is said that over a million people have been healed by the Holy Man. He died in 1896.

Our Lady of Malta / Austria

Copy of a wooden sculpture in Romanesque style, located on Malta in Carinthia/Austria. The depiction of the baby Jesus in Mary's lap is fascinating.

Mother Yvonne - Aimee de Malestroit

French mystical nun.

San Homobono

He was a fourteenth century Cremonese merchant. Patron saint of the city of Cremona. He is honored by the Catholic Church as a pious and charitable man. In my depiction, the saint gives alms to a beggar.

Radio Maria Crucifix

Crucifix carved for the Radio Maria Austria studio in Vienna

Madonna and Child

Copy of S. Maria della Misericordia in 60 cm

Our Lady (seated)

Beautiful depiction of Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, seated on a throne. In the bosom Jesus, the King of kings!

Saint Jude Thaddeus

One of the twelve apostles of Jesus.

Madonna and Child in German Gothic style

Copy of a famous wooden sculpture of the fifteenth century.

Saint Joseph in bronze

Saint Joseph, patron saint of artisans. Made of bronze, as a tombstone for a deceased carpenter.

Risen Jesus

Jesus was depicted triumphant after the resurrection.

Romanesque crucifix

Crucifix made of old Swiss stone pine, which comes from the beams of a 17th century farmhouse. It shows Jesus as King, Christ the King!

Saint Philomena Saint

Philomena was a girl of thirteen. She is depicted with the tools of her torture. Because she did not deny her faith in Christ, she was martyred.

Holy Family of Nazareth

Holy Family in the house of San Martino Schio in Nazareth. Scene inspired by a vision of the visionary Renato Baron.

Protector Madonna

Patroness Madonna, Mother of the Church. Made in high relief and gilded with pure gold and silver. Commissioned work by a founder of a religious order in Nigeria.

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